I came across an article .. spoke about “Replacing Keynes with Gandhi” was taken aback by the heading..

Did Gandhi ever have a view on the economy? why wasn’t it recognised as the others were..?

The usual philosophy for business is , put forward by Keynes “ For atleast another 100 years,we must pretend ourselves and to everyone that fair is foul and foul is fair, for foul is useful and fair is not.” Is it ?

Gandhi’s line of reasoning is in direct opposition he felt that “trusteeship” in a system is what was required as it made profit as a means of a business and not an end in itself. The end according to him should be higher human faculties- like sense of responsibility , love , compassion.. which would ultimately lead to enriching lives and society.

This does seem to idealistic in this mad world of cut-throat competition, but isn’t there a need for this to sustain what we have created. The companies that have become world leaders aren’t they known more on the basis of their image , their relationship with customer, their long term visions and missions. It is too risky to be different , to lose a hold on the profits, but I feel that once these values are in place , the customer will only turn to this business, pulling in more. Profits will come as a gift for the services rendered to society.

By Margaret Lawrence
PGDM 2012 - 2014

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